Mini Dal Mill



Product Description

It is a small unit of Dal mill machine which is low cost and easy to install. All the parts mounted on machine are  Laser Cut Sheet Metal and moulded on CNC bending machine . All parts and frame are Fully Powder Coated to protect from Rust , Hygiene  and to increase self life. The machine is run with the help of 3HP ,1-phase  electric motor. The processing capacity of the machine is 150 Kg/hr. This machine is ideal for farmer or business person who wants to start a business in a minimum investment.

The husk is removed due to rubbing of grains between the moving rough surface of the cylinder and the stationary rough surface. The mixture of husk, un-husked grains and splits falls from the bottom outlet of the machine. This mixture is simultaneously subjected to  Suction fan with Cyclone , which removes the husk, and other lighter materials.  This mixture  is  also simultaneously subjected to  Rotating Sieve where the de-husked dal and splits Dal are collected at the main outlet. The output efficiency of the machine for toor dal is 70%-75% while for other pulses like Chana, Moong, Urad, etc is 75%-80%. The splitting efficiency of the machine is claimed above 90% with minimum  broken.

It has 3 different functions-

  1. a) Pulses De-husking
  2. b) Pulses Grading, &
  3. c) Pulses Polishing.

Silent Features:

  • Less power consumption
  • Excellent milling efficiency
  • Robust construction
  • Low maintenance and high processing efficiency