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Destoning is the process of removing stone or contamination from various crops of different sizes and colors. It is a Post harvesting process for the Value addition of harvested crops. Be it lentils, Pulses & any cereals, at the time of harvesting Mud & stones come along with the harvested crop and this machine does an impeccable job of removing them

In order to fully separate all the impure and unwanted materials from the seeds, the use of Destoners (or de stoners) is extremely important. These machines are easy to use and provide highly accurate results. These machines are suitable for different sizes, colors, technical specifications, and capacities of Grains. With continuous vibration, sifting, and air-flowing, all unwanted materials like stones, glass, and metal particles are removed.

This machinery has a thorough understanding of the inherent granular segregation profiles on this processing equipment is a pivotal step in the design and development of more efficient processes. One such grain cleaning operation is the ‘density-based separation’ using a de-stoner. This process removes stones and other heavy material from lighter food grains using a vibrating deck and fluidizing air.

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