Daal Mil


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Pulses, one of the most commonly used grains of India, naturally appear in whole bean size, they are to be split into two parts before reaching common households or markets.

To split the beans two types of processes are used; wet process, and dry process. For the wet process, a dal mill is used after soaking the dal for hours, and for the dry process, the whole beans are passed through pulse making machine and converted into split pulses.

This plant is suitable for processing all types of pulses, is easy to operate, and ensures that almost all pulses retain proteins and natural shine. It De-Husks and splits the daal by using special provisions for bangle gram (Chana, chickpeas) by stone chakki for de-husking and splitting. It is operated through an electric motor/oil engine. All the operations are pollution-free and its compact size makes it more compatible with any farmer.