FAQ about Products & Solutions

What are the crops that can be processed?

Grains, pulses, spices, seeds, and millets can be processed through most of the products. But some products are specifically made for a particular variety.

Is subsidy available on all products?

Yes! The subsidies are available on all the products.

Which is the best product for processing pulses?

Mini Dal mill is highly recommended for cleaning, grading, and pulse making.

Are after services available for all the products?

Yes! Our customer care team is always ready to help you out and provide you with whatever you need.

FAQ about Subsidy

Is subsidy available with or without shed?

Yes! A subsidy is available with or without a shed. But the percentage depends upon the facilities you get.

How much land do I need to be eligible for a subsidy?

50000 sq. ft. land needed for plant & machinery with industrial diversion. We suggest getting diverted your maximum land for collateral purposes.

What is the margin money required?

Margin money of 20% to 30% has to be arranged.

What are the documents required?

Documents will be required as per the bank for loan and collateral.