40%-48% Subsidy
You can get a subsidy of 40% to 48% per plant. They can also get funds up to 75 lakh, and grants per plant depending on the conditions.
Government Approved
All the products and services under the name of KMPC are certified and approved by the Government of India.
Subsidy on Shed
Along with the plant, if you choose to develop a shed to provide better functioning of the plant, you can get a subsidy of 40% to 48% on it.

Why choose us?

KPMC Technology Limited is Indore based technosavy company of India, having largest Tested & Certified Grain Processing Machines by ICAR, APEX Body in Technology Certifications and Testing. With association of top & in-house scientists, could design, research, test, produce and then offer to ICAR for Testing & Certification of Machines.

Today it has all types of certified machines which can process more than 75 types of Crops produced in India and can disrupt Rural India and land mark of Food and Farmers’ Security with a venues of Additional Income for Farmers and should encourage Crop Diversification being envisaged